Finding the Right Franchise for You

There are many franchise opportunities available to you, but it can be a daunting task to weigh the pros and cons by yourself.

While there’s a lot of general information online, the real specifics that you need to make a sound decision are not available to the general public. If you have a dream of owning your own successful business, I may be able to help…and my service is FREE!

If you would like to learn more about the process and get answers to your questions please schedule a call below. And don’t worry. Diane does not have sales breath. This is purely informational with no obligations or pressure.

We Can Help You if You Want to…

have your own business but don’t want to create it from scratch.

build generational wealth.


escape from the corporate grind (after you were downsized).

work with a spouse, partner or adult child.

follow a process and embrace a franchise companies system.

have your own business but don’t have the big idea.

Meet Diane Pleuss


As a franchise consultant, I work one-on-one with individuals who are ready to learn more about owning a franchise.

Curious? I help you explore a variety of options to find the perfect fit for your personal and professional goals—whether you want to be a hands-on business owner or you prefer to run an executive business model.

If you’re in career transition, or you want to diversify your income stream, or if you’re in search of your “inner entrepreneur,” I’m here as your personal advisor and guide to help minimize your risk and maximize your reward.

My MBA in marketing and the years I spent in business management inform my work today. However, I’ve learned the most during these last 17 years working with franchisors and franchisees across the country from dozens of different industries. I know the culture of the franchise landscape and monitor both emerging and established companies.

The Process


Get to know you

Let’s discuss your goals, skills, interests and investment levels to see what might be a good fit.


Deep Dive Consultation

We will dig deeper into your preferences, characteristics, and business skills to tailer options to you.


Select your Franchise

Based on our conversations we will present you with a range of options to compare and contrast from our portfolio of pre-screened companies.


Investigation Process

We will guide you through the research and investigation process so you can make an educated choice with confidence.

The Franchise Fitter

“Diane Pleuss is a very helpful and knowledgeable franchise consultant. She was a great help when I was deciding what to do next with my career. She guided me through the process of choosing a strong franchise that aligned with my goals and vision. She did a great job making the process effective – saving me a great deal of time and frustration.”
— Frank, Utah

“Diane was so helpful to us during our search, she is really good at what she does. We were very impressed with her professional knowledge about the industry and the new upcoming franchises in that space. With her help, we found a right fit that matched our strengths and her expert guidance as we went through the discovery process would be very helpful to anyone looking into franchising.”
— Manisha, Pennsylvania

“Diane Pleuss had several really, really good questions that I hadn’t thought of! Her candor, professionalism, pointers, advice is always just spot on! I can’t say enough how much we liked working with her – it was an awesome experience and she showed patience, matter of fact-ness, kindness, great understanding and listening skills and likely the most advice that she were able to provide…since she had to stay neutral overall. Diane’s awesome.”
— Eric, Texas

“Diane did a great job for me. I certainly recommend her to others wholeheartedly. She’s truly the best – smart, knowledgeable, diplomatic, perceptive, dependable, personable, creative, and certainly lots of fun…what a great franchise coach!”
— Vaughan, California

“I really cannot commend Diane enough for finding such perfect matches for us. Right now we are considering three different companies. It is a huge undertaking – bigger than I imagined – but loads of fun! I personally loved each person we spoke with at each company and I think we would be very happy with any of them. They are all top-notch! The companies we spoke with gave Diane Pleuss huge accolades and said that they loved working with her and that she is always bringing them great people to work with. We’re so very grateful to be on that list! I think you really should consider a name change to “FranChoices.” Or maybe “Fran-Lots-Of-Choices”, or possibly “Fran-Too-Many-Choices.”
— Marilyn, Texas

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