Crazy. It’s a crazy world we’re living in right now. I had my newsletter set to go out earlier this month but was dragging my feet because of the coronavirus and the impact on us all, including businesses. I wanted it to be relevant and timely and also wanted it to be informative and upbeat. There was the disconnect.

Then I had a scheduled phone call with Jim.

Jim was referred to me and we had an encouraging conversation. He has 20+ years of business experience and, after 17 years with the same large company, was downsized. He could have applied for comparable jobs at one of their offices in Chicago or New York, but he doesn’t want to uproot his family. So, after talking with one of his friends who is doing very well in a franchised business, one I helped with, he contacted me.

We had a good conversation. He told me he wanted to take more control of his life. He wants to build something for his family, possibly involve his wife. He has an MBA, is good at solving problems, is analytical, and, most importantly, sees opportunity.

We didn’t even talk about the corona-virus. Of course, we’ll continue to monitor that, but right now, he is setting himself up for success. He is taking advantage of the time he has off to learn and investigate franchise businesses. He wants to be ready, so when things settle down, he can capitalize on it. I want to be a steady hand for him in this unsteady world.

If you find yourself in a position where you would like to explore, now might be a very good time to do that! It might be a very welcome and much-needed surprise. Give me a call. I’m here for you.

PS – Thought I would share some sage advice from a friend, MB Deans:

Who thought we’d all need to worry about crisis communications?

In this age of COVID-19, we all do! If you need to communicate with your customers and clients:

– Be honest. If you’re not 100% sure about a statement, don’t make it.

– Be sympathetic. You may feel like your business is upended (it is!), but your customers think it’s all about them. And if you’ve got a successful business, it is. So put your customers first.

– Apologize for disruptions, if that makes sense for your business.

– Explain what you’re doing to address the challenges caused by COVID-19.

– Don’t commit to something you aren’t pinky-promise sure you can deliver. Leave yourself some room to navigate through the unknowns.

Hugs, y’all! I hope you’re safe and well, wherever you are.