Take Joe and John. Both held C-level positions in their respective company’s until they were downsized. Both took a two-week break, to evaluate their new realities. In each case, a severance package gave Joe and John a little breathing room.

Over the ensuing months, Joe sent his resume in response to job opportunities that looked like a good fit. He estimates he sent it out about 300 times, with no response.

John dove into networking, locally and nationally, joining Zoom virtual business events, chambers of commerce meetings, LinkedIn groups, Meet-Ups and BNI chapter meetings.

Joe began to feel more and more isolated and disillusioned.

John, on the other hand, felt connected, learning about key employment positions before they were advertised and discovering interesting business opportunities he’d never considered before.

From my many years of experience, between the two, I’d place my bet on John to secure employment first or to try something totally new. In fact, it’s individuals like John who often come to me with questions about franchise opportunities. If you are seeking to turn changes in your life to opportunities, give me a call 925-673-0412.