Remember being asked that question when you were a kid? Do you remember your answer?

Doctor, Policeman, Astronaut? Today, kids say they want to be YouTubers when they grow up. 

Some of us followed our dreams. Others of us met challenges along the way or discovered opportunities that took us on another path. 

What Do You Want to Be Now?

The past few years have presented challenges we never thought we’d be facing. Our work world has changed. It has also made many feel the anxiety of job insecurity. Add to the mix, that while life expectancy has increased over the decades, the “isms” are still with us – racism, sexism, ageism. How has all this changed the way you think about work? 

Has any of this changed what you want to be now?

I work with candidates who’ve expressed a desire to pursue new opportunities. They want a greater chance to direct their own lives. With the tech sector announcing layoffs at unnerving intervals, careers are in question. 

Diversity, equity and inclusion are not happening fast enough for some, who want to be making changes on their own terms. Women are seeking more autonomy and control of their own destinies. Seniors are looking for meaningful, engaging work because they still have plenty of gas in their tanks. 

Franchise opportunities exist to address all of these issues. I love working with candidates who are ready to meet the next chapter in their lives. Whether they are seeking an alternative to the merry-go-round of evolving contract positions or lack of advancement in a current job, or they can’t find a job because they are deemed overqualified, sometimes code for “too old.”

Together, we explore their experience, interests, skills and the franchise opportunities that fit their desires for a better future. You might be surprised by the variety of options available. So, ask yourself – what do you want to be now. We can map out some possibilities to get you there. 

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