It’s the season of gratitude. A time to reflect and say, thank you. While I still have a few thank-you’s to write, I want to acknowledge how a simple thank-you note can change your attitude, open doors and leave a lasting impact.

At FranChoice, whenever we help place someone into a franchise, we always receive a hand-written note from the founder, Jeff Elgin. While it seems like such a little thing, and it might be to some people, to me, it says my work is appreciated. It says, I matter. My people matter. The franchise company matters. It’s like he’s cheering us on and wishing the new entrepreneurs much success.

I have saved all the thank you notes I received. Partly for encouragement and inspiration and partly, because it’s reflective of our culture: one of helping. We accomplish more by working together.

Jeff now shares his thank-you writing with others in the office as there are a lot of notes to write! Whether I receive a thank you from Serg, Trent, Linda or Tony, I still relish it.

I also receive thank you notes and keeping-in-touch notes from my alma mater. They always bring a smile to my face. While I have to believe the Dean of the department has higher priority things to do, it’s one of those things that makes a difference – and has kept me connected and involved.

I was brought up in an era of sending hand-written thank you notes. It was something that was expected and you did it right away. It didn’t have to be fancy or elaborate, but you had to do it.

In one circumstance, it was even quite comforting. When my Dad and I came home from my Mother’s funeral, she had died unexpectedly in her sleep at age 65, we sat down and Dad said, “Well, let’s write those thank you notes.” I looked at him incredulously. I wanted a little time to wallow in my grief. He said, “We’re both here now and we have the time.” We started writing thank you notes for the flowers received and the contributions made. It was the perfect thing to do. As I acknowledged people for their kindness, my spirits rose.

I now have personalized thank you stationary. I bought it so I would write more thank you notes! I can’t say it has helped a lot. I still find it a challenge to make the time because I want to say just the right thing. For this next decade, starting with 2020, I promise to write more thank-you’s and more importantly, to look for all the good things so I can write lots of notes!

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