We’ve all heard family stories about one sibling doing well, while another faces struggle after struggle. One story I heard was about two brothers who grew up in a motherless home with a reclusive, harsh, restrictive father.

One brother grew up to become much like his father, hard, unforgiving, judgmental, bordering on cruel. He never married. 👨

The other became the opposite, a gentle, loving, generous person who volunteered with community groups and enjoyed spending time with his wife and children.👪

Depending on your own lived experience, you may wonder how something like that could happen. How could two siblings living with a father like that have grown up to become so very different?

A writer of fiction might tell you it comes from their “point of view” (POV) – that elusive and very personal take someone has on a situation. A psychologist might concur. Aside from any inherent mental health issues, our own attitudes can help shape the way we perceive our choices in life.

One brother, the one who emulated his father may have felt he had no choice but to become his father.

The other brother felt he had no choice but to become someone very different from his father.

What makes the difference? That can include a complex minefield of responses yet, we like simple answers. So, in the simplest terms, it can be the difference between blaming someone else for how we will move forward in life or choosing to take control and work toward a level of success.

Candidates who are successful in business often fall into the latter category. They may have that amazing ability to self-reflect. Or they may possess an unstoppable drive that propels them beyond their assumed limitations.

Do you fall into either category?

Are you looking for something different in your work life?

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