Did you catch the recent employment article in the New York Times? The link is in the first comment below. It’s telling. . And it starts with the headline, “How Do They Say Economic Recovery? ‘I Quit.’”

Many people think things will return to normal once the virus is under control. It will take much more before we see normal again. The recent staffing challenges are proof. News articles describe the challenges businesses are having with staffing as we reopen communities. You’d think people would rush back to work, but for many, that isn’t the case. Some people have lost their employment; others are no longer satisfied with the jobs they have, and the demands put upon them.

Perhaps you know someone who worked their way up the corporate ladder or spent a working career in their trade. They demonstrated the organization’s values and were considered proven performers. Some were overlooked for a promotion or may have been impacted by a large layoff. Before COVID-19, many American workers had a false sense of security that came with their job. With one unexpected event, they quickly realized that tenure or title was not as safe as they thought. Whether due to market volatility or a pandemic, workers are negatively impacted. But it’s not just displaced workers.

During a time where American workers were trying to balance all of the sudden changes thrust upon them, workers suddenly realized their jobs were not as satisfactory as they once were. Workers were asked to make sacrifices during a time when they were simply trying to avoid the COVID-19 virus.

There is sunshine peeking behind those storm clouds.️ Workers are seeing they have more options now. They want the flexibility to care for their loved ones and the empowerment to do what is right for them. I consider this . Employees have had enough and have made the decision to take control of their financial and professional lives. They want more control over their life’s priorities.

One such choice is the franchise industry as it offers many options for people; from fast food to essential services. Franchising offers business ownership opportunities that have a proven track record with strong returns.

If you are in an unsatisfactory job, my advice to you is to do a self-assessment. Be honest as you ask yourself the following questions:
*Do you take initiative?
*Are you coachable?
*Do you have some money to invest and financial resources to tide you over until you hit break-even?

Franchising may not be for everybody, but I’ll share with you the best piece of advice I ever received. . No one will watch over your career as you will. It will be hard work, but the flexibility and autonomy of owning your own business are priceless. If you think about it; all of us are independent agents.

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