We’ve all heard the phrase, “start with a clean slate.” That could apply to any number of situations. You might even think it is counterproductive when it comes to considering the purchase of a business or investing in a franchise. In reality, as a franchise consultant, I ask you to do just that. Put aside the preconceptions you may have about franchises and start fresh.

I love the example of what McDonald’s did when they wanted to improve the sale of their shakes. While this is from a while ago, the lesson is still relevant. (Clayton Christensen, Job to be done.) Instead of forging ahead with what they thought might boost sales, they observed who bought shakes and why? They learned that half of McDonald’s shakes were bought before 8:30 in the morning, by commuters. That surprised them, as they imagined they’d be purchased as part of a meal, later in the day. Putting that aside, they listened to who was buying the shakes and why.

Commuters wanted a quick and easy breakfast pick-me-up, something easy to hold and sip while driving. From that point forward, McDonald’s rethought their shakes and in fact, they morphed into a variety of smoothies, better suited to a ‘healthier’ start to the day. Sales have boomed.

We inherently carry thoughts and images that inform our beliefs. In fact, just the word franchise brings up visions of fast food restaurants. Franchise businesses offer so much more. Which is why I ask my candidates to start with a clean slate and explore the following questions with me:

  • What skills do you bring to the table, your “secret sauce?
  • What are your interests?
  • What are your goals: personally, financially, professionally?
  • What is your “why?”

If you have been laid off, are looking for a career change, need an investment vehicle or are curious as to what a franchise really has to offer, give me a call today!