Are you looking for a new career path? Have you been downsized, or simply decided to quit and take some time for reflection? I spoke with a candidate recently and he said, “I’m ready for a change. I still have plenty of gas left in the tank.”

That struck me as a very apt phrase for many of the people seeking more meaningful work options. They are not ready to retire. They are seeking options to forge a path for the second phase of their work lives. Reimagining, reinventing and reinvigorating their life’s purpose in today’s changing world.

These are candidates I love working with, as I ask the questions that help us define what type of franchise opportunity might work best for them. Do they want to be out in front, managing the enterprise? Or do they prefer to be hands-on, doing the day-to-day service work. Both are essential elements of running a successful business. Some people love to work outside and meet people, others prefer to work from their office. 

The beauty of a franchise is that you don’t have to go it alone out the gate. My role is to help candidates explore ideas and understand their motivations. I also encourage them to get to talk with other franchisees and learn about the support that makes various roles available to them and how that plays out in reality.

So, if you are someone who still has plenty of gas left in your tank, let’s talk. You have options.