Veterans-Day-Honoring-All-Who-ServedDo you know a veteran or someone about to be discharged from military service? Many are wondering where their next career opportunity will lead. Did you know that many veterans are now entrepreneurs, thanks to the myriad of options in the world of franchising? Franchising provides the opportunity to become your own boss and put into action the skills honed during a military career.

Many franchisors have identified veterans as outstanding candidates for becoming franchise owners. They use words like self-discipline, strong set of core values, focused and mature. While veterans, like others looking to become entrepreneurs, may not yet see themselves in this light, they owe it to themselves to do the research. As one franchisor commented, “There’s not a huge difference between a battle plan and a small business plan—one is just more dangerous to execute!”

Veterans are trained to closely follow a plan. Many franchisors spend hundreds of thousands of dollars developing the structure and support system that makes their franchise successful. They offer a proven system. All the franchisee has to do is execute.

Franchise companies that embrace the VetFran program offer special incentives specific to veterans and their spouses. It can range for a percentage off the franchise fee to thousands of dollars off. One Sergeant Major I worked with received $10,000 off the franchise fee! This is a huge help when you are just starting out on your new career venture. The reality of owning your own franchise business could be a lot closer than you think.

If you are a veteran looking for your next challenge, call me to talk about outstanding franchise business opportunities so we can find the one that is the best fit for you. If you are not a veteran, but you know someone who is, please help them by sharing this newsletter with them.

Thank you for your service!