Making a career change at any age can be scary. We often choose to stick with what we know, even if it doesn’t always make us happy. ☹ The pandemic caused unexpected career shifts for some. Others are simply questioning if the work they are doing is what they really want to continue to do.

What holds most people back from making a change? Fear. Yes, but fear of what? This is where it gets complicated.

If you want to change companies, your fear could be about the unknown. Will the new company really provide a better work environment or more interesting challenges?

If you are looking for something entirely new, you may be afraid that you are throwing away all you’ve accomplished in your current career. Your degree, your expertise in your chosen field, your relationships with colleagues and your skill set. All out the window at once.

When talking with franchise clients about a big life change, some worry they’ll be “throwing the baby out with the bathwater.” They clearly want a change, yet they are looking at it through an all-or-nothing lens. Their fear may really stem from fear of failure, coupled with the belief that they’ll be going it alone.

The beauty of a franchise is that, unlike starting a new business from scratch, a franchise offers systems, supports and training. And as for a person’s skill sets? Matching a candidate’s interests and skills should be part of the process as a new candidate explores the franchise options that are available. We don’t lose the skills we’ve built up over decades of work experience. We simply bring them into aspects of a new field of endeavor.

In my career as a franchise consultant, I’ve often worked with candidates who want to explore the option of investing in a franchise that they can oversee but not work in physically. That means they hire someone to run their franchise, so they can remain employed or spend their time doing something else.

If you are looking for a change, but having a hard time letting go, email me at dpleuss at franchoice dot com. You may find it is easier to make that change than you think.