Have you ever heard of that concept – Just the right amount of afraid? 

Fear is something we all face when it comes to making big life decisions. We probably wouldn’t be human if we didn’t consider both sides of an issue that could change our lives. Career issues can feel that way. As you navigate your professional journey, it’s important to strike a delicate balance between caution and courage. 

Let’s take a moment to consider how to find “just the right amount of afraid” when exploring new opportunities. 

Stepping outside of your comfort zone can feel intimidating. Fear of the unknown is a powerful force. It can stop you cold, allowing fear to paralyze your thoughts and actions. That can hinder growth while certainly limiting potential. But who wants to dive into a decision willy-nilly? That can prove to be a foolish way to move forward, without the information you need. 

So, how do you strike that sweet spot?

When I work with candidates looking for a franchise opportunity, we start by assessing both the possibilities and challenges a franchise model provides. Serious candidates seek knowledge and support. Educating yourself about a new opportunity is an essential part of the process. 

I assist with the research, share my network connections, and encourage my candidates to learn from other franchisees themselves. Many may have faced a similar path, and realized success. 

A supportive community of franchise businesspeople can provide guidance, mentorship, and encouragement.

In assessing which franchise opportunity is the right fit for a particular candidate, I ask a person to trust in their own abilities. Trust that your interests and skills can guide you to the right option. Think about transferable skills you’ve gained over the years, like business acumen, relationship building, and the value of your community involvement. 

Oftentimes, a candidate will go through the entire discovery process and feel confident in their decision, until it is time to make the actual investment. 

Signing on the dotted line can often awaken the fear monster from sleep.

Recognizing that fear could be a sign of growth can be the first step to examining fear in a positive light. This is the time to look at the skills you’ve already developed, the knowledge, and resilience you possess to overcome challenges and seize new opportunities. 

Once you’ve faced the fear head-on and assessed the risks, you can be ready to embrace calculated risks. Nothing in life is truly guaranteed and growth rarely happens within the confines of our comfort zone. Taking strategic steps forward, even if they come with a certain level of fear, can lead to incredible achievements.

If you are one of those individuals who are willing to embrace the chance to learn, adapt, and evolve, the rewards can be great.  Give me a call at 925.642.9976 if you are ready to find “just the right amount of afraid” to change your life.