I don’t think anyone feels like they know what the landscape will look like in a few months. You can guess, you can hope, but we don’t know. Most of us are holding on while doing our best to balance our fears with our aspirations.

If you’ve been on the fence, wondering what you want to do, whether you’ve been downsized or are simply worried about being downsized, it feels better to be proactive. In a world out of control, exploring your options with an open mind can help envision the path you’d like to be on.

This might seem an unlikely time to explore business ownership, but some franchise opportunities are thriving. They are businesses that were in a position to adapt to the changes brought on by the pandemic. From FocalPoint Coaching, Right at Home, to Ace Handyman Services, they all have their success stories in fulfilling the needs of keeping customers and employees safer and in the case of Ace, keeping us saner with home projects.

Exploring franchise opportunities with a seasoned guide can be an exhilarating adventure you don’t need to leave home for.

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