Local businesses we rely on are part of our daily and weekly landscape.  However, do you know how many are actually a franchise?

Your first stop might be a workout in the gym. Next, you might stop for a coffee.

Where do you go when you need a haircut?

Getting a massage is a great way to reduce stress and relieve pain.

Summer is approaching and your kids might enjoy some time at a sports camp.

Oh, and what if your pooch needs to be groomed or boarded?

When was the last time you had the exterior or interior of your house painted?

For anyone on the go as much as you are, you may want to treat yourself to a refreshing, delicious milkshake, just for the fun of it.

Any one of the businesses mentioned, from the fitness studio to the salon, the dog groomer, house painter and even the milkshake place might all be a franchise business.

In this example, they all are!

We go through our daily lives, often unaware of the fact that many of the small businesses we frequent are franchises which qualified candidates invested in, to start their journey as entrepreneurs with a leg up on the competition.

This type of business model allows an investor to develop experience without the normal risks involved when you start a small business from scratch. In many cases, brand awareness already exists and minimal or no industry experience is needed.

If you possess an entrepreneurial spirit and want to explore what franchise opportunities might be the right fit for your interests and budget, contact me today at 925.642.9976.