Most of us made it through the first quarter of the year with a great deal of effort. Just staying focused is a challenge. 

Goal setting is an exercise many businesses take on at the beginning of the year.
Setting goals is a great way to get energized and begin the planning process. Unfortunately, too many people stop there. Tracking our progress is often forgotten.

In my work with franchise candidates, we discuss personal goals in their hunt to find the right fit for a franchise business. That is different from defining the goals you want to reach with your new franchise.

Business goal setting.
Goal setting for your business can help you and your team get to where you want to go. But what does that entail? The first step is defining your goals. Without them, you could be like Alice in Wonderland getting advice from the Cheshire Cat, “If you don’t know where you’re going, every road will take you there.” That isn’t the best way to manage a business.

The second step is to write them down. And don’t forget to add a reasonable timeline to accomplish them. Tony Robbins will tell you, “Goals are dreams with a deadline.”

An accountability partner can help get you there.
Many new business owners struggle at first to accomplish everything by themselves. They don’t have a coach, or mentor to cheer them along and offer advice. The goals set at the beginning of your business ownership journey may be forgotten in the best of times and when things get rough, they can go right out the window. One of the pluses of investing in a franchise is the built-in infrastructure and community of like-minded business owners who can provide first-hand advice and tips to make accomplishing your goals a reality. They can act as an accountability partner to help you stay on track. 

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