We’ve all heard that phrase, looking for greener pastures. In the world of work, employees have taken it to heart, over the last year or so. During the Great Resignation, millions of employees went in search of greener pastures. For some, that meant looking for work that felt more meaningful. For others, it meant leaving high-stress positions to seek a new job that could provide for a better work/life balance. And for still others, it meant looking for more independence and control over their work lives, a desire to do something new, better wages and working conditions, or the fulfillment of their dream to own their own business.

About that dream and a greener pasture? How do you get grass greener?

Like anything else, that depends. If you’ve ever tried to create a lush green lawn you may have some ideas. You can turn the first few inches of soil and remove debris and any visible weeds. Then you can painstakingly, evenly, spread the seeds. Next, you must keep the area watered sufficiently. Cover the grass seedbed with something to hold seeds in place and retain the moisture. You may need to reseed in certain areas as the lawn develops. That is the hands-on, do-it-yourself way to go about getting that greener grass.

There is another option, though, the instant lawn. You don’t have quite as much work in front of you when you bring someone in to lay sod. Someone else comes in and rolls out the sod. You’ll need to be sure it is watered to keep the soil moist, but not saturated. If you use an irrigation system, you’ll want to check that is it working properly. However, the major work is done for you when you use someone else’s system. 

The first option, the DYI one, can be likened to opening your own business.

The second option, using a system designed by someone else, is much like working with a franchise. You have the systems in place. Someone else has already done a great job of creating the tools for you to be successful.

Of course, you can choose to start that dream business from scratch. If you plan to build your own business you may discover it is a challenging, time-consuming undertaking. A big advantage with a franchise is that so much of the groundwork is already completed. You have the benefit of a wide and deep pool of knowledge, along with training for yourself and your employees.

You may find that a franchise can get you to that greener pasture faster and more safely than going it alone. If you are exploring your greener pasture options, I’d love the opportunity to take the guesswork out of your search.