finance program for franchiseesOne of the most discussed topics in the world of business ownership is financing. Where is the money, who has it and how can I get some to start my business? Loans often take considerable time, lots of paperwork and you have to collateralize your home or place your firstborn into indentured servitude. Seems that only those with money are able to borrow money, right?

Well, the world has just changed! I now have access to a special franchise financing program available to anyone with a decent credit score and at least $10K. Fast, easy money. Here are the details:

Max Loan Amount:  $150,000
Collateral:  None
Pre-Approval:  1 – 2 Days (approximate)
Funding:  5 – 7 Days (approximate)
Credit Score:  680 or higher
Cash Required:  $10,000
Note:  You must be able to show that you have enough cash reserves to cover your personal living expenses and any loan repayments for at least 12 months while your business is getting up and running. Also, the franchise company must be listed on the SBA Registry.

Are you one of the many people who really wants to own a business, but thought you couldn’t afford it? Now I can help you with our new finance program that will allow you to fulfill your dream of business ownership. On the other hand, if you are one of those people who likes to use the excuse, “I don’t have enough money,” then I’m terribly sorry because now, you will have to find a different excuse.

If we had a previous conversation and I was unable to assist you due to financial reasons, let’s reconnect soon. And if we haven’t met and you’re interested in learning more, let’s connect now!