Does money make us happy?

It should be no surprise that money is often tied to emotions. Our emotions about money can run from worried to motivated as we work hard to pay our bills, care for others, and enjoy what life has to offer. But I wonder, is money the key to happiness? 

That may depend on how your money came about. Studies indicate that how you get your money can make a big difference in how it makes you feel. That shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with the sad tales of the rich and famous. It seems children who inherit, rather than earn, their money are often unhappy.

Hard Work and Skill Building

Individuals who work hard, earn their money honestly, and build their skills realize other benefits as well. They may become more confident and able to navigate well in various situations. 

Knowing that you’ve done a good job and contributed in some real way, boosts the happiness factor. Reaching independence is also a big factor for some of us. We are seeing many people leave their employment to seek satisfaction elsewhere. That might be going to another job or a jump to owning your own business. I get great satisfaction in finding the right franchise fit for my candidates who are seeking new opportunities. That boosts my happiness factor!

What Other Ways Does Money Impact Happiness?

How you earn it matters, but did you know how you spend it matters as much? Sure, we’ve probably all done our fair share of retail therapy and felt a bit of a pick-me-up. However, let’s get back to my initial question. Does working hard to care for others and making charitable donations make you happy?  In fact, research back up this up. When you spend money on others, it gives you more satisfaction than spending money on yourself. 

Now, isn’t that a great concept to hold dear as work hard to achieve our goals? The best news is, we don’t even personally need to know the individuals we support through our charitable giving.  So, let’s all do our best to spread our wealth and good fortune with individuals in our community who are struggling. Money really can buy you a measure of happiness through hard work and great generosity.