Before and After are markers we’ve probably all thought about. Life before this event, life after that experience. The most common provides a frame for a certain period of our lives.  “Before” is often thought of as when we lived at home. The “After” would be leaving our family to go off to face the world on our own, whether to college, the service, a job or simply a big adventure. Until the next life change, when those milestones become the “Before” and the “After” might be marriage, accepting a promotion or starting a business. These acts mark our lives like signposts.

Do we really know how those choices will turn out?

New beginnings are just that, the beginning of something. At those junctures, sometimes people will tell you, you better enjoy it now “before” you get married, accept a job with more responsibility, or start your own business. How do they really know how your experience is going to be? It could be completely different than their reality – usually in a good way.

One of the benefits of a franchise is you get to learn about the “After,” . . . “Before!” You can even decide how you want to create your “After.” Do you want to have employees? Do you want to manage a manager? Would you like to be a multi-unit, multi-brand franchisee?

As a franchise business consultant, I’ve talked to many candidates who took the opportunity to talk to current franchise owners in the industries they are interested in. They explored the questions that arose during the process. In this way, they gained the knowledge to make informed decisions about which franchise would be the right fit for them. My candidates come from all walks of life and represent a range of ages.

One thing they all share in common

Even though they come from very different backgrounds, possess different skill sets and vary greatly in age, my franchise candidates share one thing in common. They have a desire to make the shift to being their own boss. 

If you are still in the “Before Stage” of imagining a new beginning that involves owning a business, you may want to explore aspects of what happens in the “After Stage” of that step. Examining your options is a great way to make a sound decision. Contact me today at 925.642.9976.