You’ve probably seen the headlines. “More U.S. workers are quitting their jobs than at any time in at least two decades.”

That declaration recently leapt out from the pages of newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal. For some, this signals a degree of optimism among many professionals.

After more than a year of jarring changes, sacrifice and shifts in how people work, it’s no wonder that the tolerance for change among employees is greater than in the past. They are spurning a return to business as usual.

Many individuals discovered a new way of looking at how they earn a living. Even in the face of unemployment rates that remain high in many communities, employees feel more buoyant about jumping ship for new opportunities.

Some people are even looking for alternatives to corporate America, period. So, if you are considering jumping ship for something better, how about taking a sail ⛵ without having to buy the boat straight away?

A franchise works that way. You can explore your options before making a decision.

As your franchise consultant, I can welcome you aboard, no deck shoes needed. You don’t need to know the bow from the stern or port from starboard. You can get behind the wheel and experience how a franchise handles, to see if it could be a good fit for you and your interests.

You might experience sections of choppy water, but you’ll be guided to navigate through them. That is the beauty of working within a franchise model where the crew knows what they are doing. You benefit from the systems already in place and receive training in areas where you need it.

To schedule an initial call, please call or text me at 925.642.9976 or email me at dpleuss at franchoice dot com. You’ll learn a lot, it will be fun and it might be the best course of action you take!