It’s almost Halloween, that time of year when little ghosts and goblins roam the neighborhood seeking sweet treats. When a child in a light-up sparkle witch costume or a Buzz Lightyear suit knocks at our door, we’re probably not going to be too scared. However, when we are overcome with scary thoughts about franchising, it’s not so much fun.

Like any new adventure, the goblins of fear play a role in our decision making. What does franchising mean for my family and me? How much money am I risking (the bigger the risk, the stronger the goblin in your head)? And the scariest goblin, the one that will chase you from morning to night… what if I fail? These are valid concerns, fears if you will, for most people leaving the restrictive yet comfortable corporate environment. But the interesting thing about these fears is that, much like the Halloween ghost and goblins, when exposed to the light of day/the facts of reality, they become far less intimidating. Once concerns are exposed, you can begin to provide yourself with a framework of the successful process for researching and evaluating an exciting new career. 

When you set forth a plan for research, you have taken the first step toward an intelligent analysis of the potential benefits and rewards of franchising. Consider what your personal business strengths and successes are. Did you work directly with clients and provide exceptional customer service? Did you problem-solve with your team to improve existing systems or create new ways of doing things? Did you dedicate yourself to going the extra mile to be successful? The skills you have that enabled you to do these things are directly transferrable to a position as CEO of your own company. 

I am here to help you expose the goblins and set forth on a journey of professional and financial independence. Let’s share the scary and the exciting aspects of franchising and find the opportunity most compatible with your goals for your future. 

Carve out some good times!

All the best,