Painting by Ellen Cowie

Not long ago, I received the following email – a “prelude to a business” – from one of the couples I worked with. It explains why he and his wife were exploring franchise ownership. His story resonated with me, and I think it will with you, too.

After 28+ successful years with our present employers and a lot of soul searching, we believe that a career/job change is in order to keep our creativity, motivation, innovation, and enthusiasm for life fresh. We have wanted to start our own business for a long time, and now that we have both lost our passion for where we are working now, it is time.

Our current jobs have provided financial means and healthcare, but at considerable sacrifice of personal time and future security. Throughout our careers, we have put in a great deal of effort and energy, and have given significant personal time to perform at the highest level for the ultimate long-term benefit of others. We have accepted several challenges with our present careers, which consisted of seven relocations in six different states. We can relate to the well-known adage of “a rolling stone gathers no moss.” Only recently (and while earning an above average salary) did the fun and the feeling of self-worth and satisfaction deteriorate. We have sacrificed too much just to be another “cog in the wheel” with no guarantees for future control over our financial security. For these reasons, we want to take control of our own path to ensure that our goals, interest, and happiness is realized.

We are interested in finding a “High Road” top-performing franchise company that can be viable in a short period of time. We believe that opting for the right franchise will shorten our move to business ownership because the business model and support has already been developed and proven.

The time frame to get the business up and running profitably in two to three years is important. We are looking for the franchise to be our vehicle for self-satisfaction, improved lifestyle and also a vehicle to take us into retirement. We want to build a business that provides a good income with the ability to expand over five to ten years.”

If this story sounds familiar to you, maybe it’s time we should talk. I’m always willing to have a quick conversation to help you learn if franchise ownership might be a good fit for you.